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Commissioners discuss options for Corolla trash and recycling

I attended the Commissioners’ work session yesterday that ran from 9am until 3pm.  Mike Payment chaired the session as Bob White was out of town.  Ben Stikeleather managed the discussions with County senior staff on the issues and alternative solutions.

The morning’s session was focused on the County’s many service districts covering stormwater, sand roads, water and sewer.  Eric Weatherly, County Engineer, did a through job identifying the problem areas, the planned projects, implementation issues and a draft five year capital plan.

In the afternoon session Leighton Earwood, Public Works Director, made a thorough presentation of the County’s public works maintenance issues, remediation plans and a draft five year plan for on-going capital maintenance and improvements.

Leighton then presented an overview of the County’s solid waste facilities and service programs. There was a good discussion of the issues and it seemed to me that there was an openness to consider different solutions.

As for our Corolla concerns there seemed to be an acknowledgement that the trash overflow from cans contributes to the pervasive vermin problem in the area.   They seemed to agree that the current regulations on the number of cans for rental homes needs to be increased.   They were willing to attend a session in Corolla to discuss the issues and alternative solutions in the next week or two. Hopefully many of you can attend.

Issues discussed, but not resolved, include better education of residents and renters about what can be recycled and better enforcement of regulations.  I ask each of you to discuss the issues with your fellow residents and consider how our HOAs, subdivision management and rental companies can assist in these areas.

We look forward to hearing more on this from the County soon.

Ed Cornet

Ed Cornet is an oceanfront home owner in Corolla, since 1992, now retired to the Currituck Outer Banks. Beach erosion and the use of Occupancy Tax are his key issues. Ed has served on the Economic Development and Land Use Boards. Ed is currently a board member of the Corolla Civic Association Board of Directors. He has published much of his analysis on his website: for the use of fellow Steering Group members.

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