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March 7 : Cheers & Jeers

Cheers & Jeers” was a column which ran in the weekly print newspaper, which I published in Currituck from January 2002 through mid-2019. The column which ran on page 4 – Soapbox, featured the highlights of things going on in our county and the lowlights. So here is the newest incarnation of an oldie but a goodie. Dedicated to Bud Wright, WO Saunders afficiando!

Cheers to all the candidates who stepped up to run for political office this time around.  Whether you vote for them or not, their effort is appreciated!

Jeers to the lingering cold weather – the poor frogs in our community are so confused, they do not whether to sing or chatter their teeth.

Cheers to Alice and Jerry Malesky, celebrating 44 plus years of marriage.  Double cheers to 40 more!

Jeers to the recent bouts of heavy rain, it’s time to dry up so everyone can enjoy the spring like weather

Cheers to the warmer days, singing birds, and budding / blooming trees teasing us that spring may be just around the corner

Jeers to the aspiring politicos who opted out of responding to our candidate questions.  The only ones hurt are the voters who were denied information so that they could be more informed.  The question becomes, why are you running from the questions, instead of why are you running for office.

Cheers to friends and neighbors, old and new – who help make our community a great place to live and work

Double Cheers to the advisors and Girl Scouts of Troop 52, for undertaking their Cadette community Service project, by building three new  blessing boxes, and several food donation locations. Cheers to Randy Roache and Bubby Swain for assisting with the project!

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