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Two Sportsmen Discuss the Price of Gas

Good Ole Boys … Gone Bad

“Can you believe the price of gas?” LeRoy asked his good friend Bubba. Pondering the question, Bubba continued fetching the decoys from the icy cold waters.

“Someone has to be making a killing with these high prices”, continued LeRoy, while steadying the small marsh boat.

“Yeah”, expounded Bubba, “Dick Cheney, ole GW and their Texas oil buddies, that’s who!” Bubba continued looking around for the last stool. “More than likely our old buddy down at the fillin’ station is making a hefty cut too”, added Bubba.

LeRoy wrinkled his brow, “You know, I was talking to Kevin, and they don’t make as much on that gas as you think. Heck they usually sell it as a loss leader.”

“What do you mean by loss leader”, asked Bubba?

Leroy continued, “Well they sell the gas at a low price, a loss even, to get people into the store to buy other things.”

“Well shoot”, said Bubba, “Kevin don’t have to sell that gas at a loss, not as long as he’s selling that seven layer cake. If I had decoys that worked like that cake, I wouldn’t have to head home
empty handed.”

LeRoy chuckled – it had surely been a poor day of hunting. Not to mention that he dropped his prized shotgun overboard, and would most likely not find it in the deep mud below.

Bubba piped in, “You know, I’ve been wonderin’. They used to give you a free car wash over at that place in Elizabeth City, when you bought 8 gallons or more.”

“They sure did, and I believe they still do”, said LeRoy, confirming the recollection of his good friend.

“Well that’s just plain ridiculous”, added Bubba. “Nowadays, with gas as expensive as it is anything more than 8 gallons of gas will darn near break a man.”

LeRoy nodded in agreement as he started the boat up to head in.

“Buying gas nowadays is a major investment” Bubba continued.

“Instead of a free car wash, they oughtta give you something of more value, like a free car!”

They both laughed out loud, as the boat slipped into the fog, headed for land.

Originally published on January 11, 2006
Volume 5, Number 2 – The ( Currituck ) Independent

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